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So when I broke my hand I couldn’t do the things I love, for example scooting, skating and riding my bike. I got bored, very quickly. I began the search, the search for something productive yet fun and I found it, oh I found it and it, it is Heated Supply Co. My best idea ever. It took about three weeks of hard work but my clothing is finally available to you, to everyone.

This is what lead me to graphic design. I also learned that graphic designing is one of the hardest jobs in the world. This has given me a lot more respect for graphic designers.

Last night I was practising blogging, I know it sounds weird but anyway I wrote a blog entry in my book. I am now going to share this with you.

11 Years

Okay Okay… I know what your thinking “Archer you made a blog.” Well yes I did make a blog. Not for fame or popularity but because on weekends I don’t have much to do. So here I am practising blogging. I know it sounds weird to practice but if im going to do this, im going to do this right.


The Start Of A New World

Okay so today I mainly just sat around in bed thinking of designs for my clothing label.
I pretty much had a day of lounging around the house and was talking to my mum about her blog that she used to post to then I had the idea if this blog gets over 20 views in a week she has to start it again. She sort of agreed but not really. I like being productive and hate being bored on weekends so I made this.

Also I am making a graphic design business so email me if you need any GFX.


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